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We are proud to announce the opening of the first BG STORE designed and owned by BRUNO LEE.
Franck Bichon interviews Bruno Lee

If " TO SHOW IS TO SELL " is a well known fundamental in selling process what is needed next and most  is a prefect in store eye catchy presentation  to make the product a "must buy "  available on the spot.

I introduce you to BRUNO LEE , our Korean partner since 2009. He has always been  listening to customers and pro active on its market. I wanted BRUNO to be the first , & not last - you could be next !-  sharing  his experience :

BRUNO LEE is in charge of BG since many years and is a true old friend. BRUNO also design his own bags (under " ROI" brand name). The store is just a perfect reflection of BG style! Please visit the store next time you come to Seoul or meet him during Shanghai fair on BG Booth !


Franck Bichon: Bruno can you introduce yourself ? 
Bruno Lee: I am Bruno. I am so proud of being a BG distributor in Korea. I used to work at the Cosmos Company in Korea 

FB:  How long do we know each other ?
BL: Since 2000. When I worked at the Cosmos Company.  

FB:  When did you started BG distribution and why ?
BL:  I have started the work since 2009. At that time, the Yamaha Korea was a Korean dealer. Even though the BG quality is much better than others, but the supply wasn't very good because the Yamaha was big company and their movement was slow. Therefore, they lost market share of BG. I think. 

FB: How would you define BG ?
BL: Quality, marketing, support and response are excellent. Specially, I like the TSITS system. Franck is superb and a genius. 

FB: You got your own BG store now, why ?
BL: Because I want to meet more customers even from children to old man. I would like to show BG item and practice "TO SHOW IS TO SELL" Around my store there are many practice rooms for brass and string instruments. BG is my main item.

FB: You got a very elegant display. Any particular tip to share for displaying Effectively BG ?
BL: Follow and listen to a wife word! It is kidding. I want a customer to see whole product at sight and I prepared a table for clarinet and saxophone ligature for testing sample.

FB: Do you plan to display the BG video in your store ?
BL: Yes I used to set it up in store, but in daytime a customer can't see it due to too bright. I will change a TV with high resolution. And If you do it already , any recommendation / tips and feedback to share  ?I think it would be effective. Young students dislike to read a leaflet. They like watching.

FB: Any thing you would like to add ?
BL: I think each market and country have different situation, style and way of thinking, so if a dealer wants to make a particular item which fits for their own market it would deserve to make it with BG name.  

FB: Thanks BRUNO for being such a reliable friend and business partner ! Best wishes of success and happiness with your family ! 

BG STORE  designed and owned by M.BRUNO LEE.

1482-10 1st fl, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu,
Seoul, Korea
ZIP 06709

Opening hours ... 9:30 - 19:00
TEL: 82-2-371-0173