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David Blumberg is one of the famous American clarinetist. He plays at Seabrook Opera. Let's find out what i think about BG's products.

How have you been using BG's ligatures ?
I have been using BG Ligatures for many years now, about 17 years! I started using the Duo ligature back in 2011 when I tried it at the Los Angeles ClarFest. I was one of the first in the US to play the Duo besides Ricardo Morales

How important is a ligature in your sound research ?
To me the Ligature is very important. Sound production/quality starts from the top down, so the Reed/Mouthpiece/Ligature are vital to a vibrant, and beautiful sound. Also the comfort is quite important, as it frees the player to be more expressive without fighting the equipment. Some ligatures can feel like a blanket is thrown on top of the reed, this ligature gives vibrancy to the reed, and great control as well.

Can you give some tips to musicians about how to test & choose a ligature ?
When I test a Ligature, I make sure that I have a good reed, and mouthpiece combination first. If you are trying Mouthpieces and Ligatures at the same time, you will get easily overwhelmed. Test the reed with the right thumb holding the reed on (so play left handed notes only), then place the ligature onto the mouthpiece/reed. Test various intervals, 12ths, Octaves, Articulated scales, and also lightly articulated passages such as Beethoven's 6th Symphony. The Ligature must be able to easily do all of those tests to be a good ligature. Does the ligature give you a larger sound, or smaller sound? Is your articulation easier on one ligature than another? How comfortable are you using it, and lastly does the ligature securely hold the reed? If the ligature allows for easy reed slippage, it will eventually let you down.

Have you always been playing BG ligatures since we first met ? I have experimented with other ligatures, but have always come back to the BG's , and now the Duo.

Do you play different models and if so, why ?
I’m only playing the Duo on my Bb and A Clarinet, and the Gold on my C Clarinet for Opera work. I use a separate mouthpiece for the C Clarinet, with a synthetic reed so that I don't have to wet it when I quickly change over (I am Principal Clarinetist of an Opera Company)

Any tip to share ?
Whatever we practice, we will become great at, so practice correctly, so that you get great at playing well  

To end up nicely this interview, can we  share more infos about you for next coming months with your master class, concerts, ..and how to get musicians to know about your recordings, and all things you want to share with musicians ..! ? I will be judging a Mock Orchestral Audition Competition with the great Principal Berlin Philharmonic Clarinetist Wenzel Fuchs in early October in Pennsylvania. Also playing the Opera Rigoletto with Opera Seabrook, and in November a big Concert with the National Band "WindWorks of Washington, DC" - that group is a Superband made up on the top players of the Washington big 4 Bands, the Navy Band, Marine Band, Air Force Band, and the Army Band. It also has alumni of those groups, and some National Symphony members. Also I am active as a Music Producer, and produce the recordings of Michele Zukovsky (Principal Clarinetist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic). That includes the exclusive recording of the John Williams Clarinet Concerto, which is a best seller on iTunes with John Williams Conducting Michele Zukovsky in it's premiere.

You can hear my recordings at http://www.MyTempoMusic.com which has links to my YouTube page. David Blumberg

David Blumberg
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