Luis Enrique Vargas

Interview Luìs Vargas

Since 2010, Luis Vargas has been First Clarinet of Peru’s National Orchestra and of the Orchestra Ciudad de los Reyes. Besides his orchestra work he dedicates his time to teaching and directing the wind orchestra of the National Conservatory of Lima, Peru.

BG France’s president, Mr. Frank Bichon, had a talk with maestro Luis Vargas. Below is an extract of their conversation.

Luis, before being First Clarinet of the National Symphonic Orchestra of Peru, it has been a long road, right?
Correct, Franck. I have a degree in music from the National Conservatory of Lima, but studying is essential for a musician. That’s why I still keep studying and I occasionally take classes.

Let’s talk about you and BG with BG.
I’ve been using BG ligatures for more than 10 years. Actually, I discovered them in 2002 thanks to the company Intermusica in Peru. A few years later, in 2004, I begin to play with those ligatures. So it has been a long relationship.

What model of ligature do you use?
Most of the time I use Revelation, Super Revelation and Tradition Silver Plate. Now I have a "Duo Ligature" silverplated too. They’re all very comfortable and are really good products.

So you play with both Tradition and Duo silver plated. Why did you choose silver plated ligatures?
I really like the response and also the colour it gives to my tone. The combination of my clarinet, my mouthpiece and my reed is nice with silverplated ligatures.

I saw on a Facebook pic that you use a BG clarinet strap. Can you tell me why you use a strap?
I had tendinitis problems for 1 year before using it. I decided to adjust the weight of the clarinet using a Strap. I tried the flexible Strap and it worked very well.

What benefit do you see in using rigid or elastic sling?
I have both, I use the Flexible when playing in an Orchestra. This way, it is easier to change from Bb to A Clarinet. When I’m playing only Bb, I use the non elastic sling.

What does BG clarinet strap offer you?
It gives me much more comfort than products from other manufacturers.

To whom would you recommend to try a strap? 
All my students use it, no matter their age or gender. 

Luis Enrique Vargas
Peruvian clarinetist
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