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Interview Kat Rodriguez

Kat Rodriguez-Harrold is a beautiful multitalented, grammy nominated complete musician in all of its many splendor. She is an incredible singer, saxophonist, songwriter, arranger and composer.

At the age of 10 Kat picked up her first the clarinet. After a couple years of practice and lessons at the Harlem School of the Arts, she landed her first gig as the featured clarinetist in the classic, “The Nutcracker Suite”.

Later she switched to the alto saxophone and began to learn jazz and other contemporary styles of music. That was the best decision she ever made and ... in 2001, Kat was awarded the international Women in Jazz award by legendary bassist Caroline Ray and Vocalist Lenora Helm

In 2006 Beyonce audition for an all female band.  Kat was one of 1000 girls who auditioned and got hand picked by Beyoncé herself. Since then Kat has recorded the Live DVDs; The Beyoncé Experience, the I...Am Tour,  Live at Roseland, Live at Revel, Mrs Carter Tour, On The Run Tour. She has also performed in numerous TV appearances which include Oprah, Ellen Degenerous, Black Girls Rock Awards, Today Show, Good Morning America, T in the Park, Glastonbury Music Festival, Tyra Banks, Bet Awards, American Music Awards, Fashion Rocks, Grammy's, The View, X-Factor in London, Superbowl XVLII, Oxygen, Chime for Change, MTV Awards, American Idol and World Music Awards to name a few. K

at became one of the speakers for the BeyGood foundation Beyoncé founded. This opportunity made Kat realize a love for speaking. Kat decided to keep doing clinics called Inner Kat when off the road with the superstar. Kat Rodriguez put her dreams of an artist in the for front in 2013 and recorded her debut album Mockery which she co-wrote and co-produced. Currently Kat is promoting her CD Mockery which is out on Itunes and Amazon around the globe.

During Namm show Kat & Franck Bichon met again:

Kat I understand you play with a BG harness since you are 15 years old , can you share with all sax players why  you choose a harness as concept ....and why BG ?
I choose BG harness because it takes a lot of pressure off of my spine, performing for 2.5 hours every day or every other day in heels and dancing can be very strenuous on the body and BG Harness has kept my body, posture and my spine from being injured.

Did you found any benefit in your playing by using a harness compare to a regular neck strap ?
I love playing with a harness instead of necks tarp because my instrument stays centered while i play, walk, go up and down ladders while I'm on stage so it definitely makes playing easier!

You are also involved in a very interesting activity ….
I love giving back, I come from humble beginnings and i didn't have money to study so organizations and people with good hearts were my guardian angels in this path of music   -InnerKat is a masterclass to teach anyone who still wants to earn to never give up on their dream!

Where can we by your album?
My album is called Mockery and it can be purchased on iTunes  and on Amazon 

Kat Rodriguez
Sax player, singer, composer, educator
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