Miguel Villafruela

Miguel Villafruela

Sax player - Educator - Clinician
Site officiel : www.villafruela.scd.cl/

Miguel Villafruela holds degrees in Saxophone Performance and Education from Cuba’s Escuela Nacional de  Música, where  his  teachers  were Osvaldo González and  Carlos Averhoff,   the  Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance (First Prize under the guidance of  Daniel Deffayet), MA at the University of Chile and Doctor  of  science on Arts  (Music), from Cuba’s  Instituto Superior de Arte, Universidad de las Artes.

Laureate of  the Young  Artists’ Jury in Bratislava (1979) and the  Léopold Bellan  Competition (Paris, 1980),  he has  pursued an outstanding  career as  soloist and  recitalist,  including  performances  with  numerous orchestras  in Europe and  Latin America.

He has been guest artist at World Saxophone Congresses held in Valencia (1997), Tokyo (1988), Washington (1985) and  Nuremberg (1982) and also at the Saxofonías (Angers, Francia, 1990) organized   to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of the saxophone.

Owing to his qualities as a performer, and  his  pioneering pedagogical work (founder of  Saxophone Studies at Cuba’s Instituto Superior de Arte,  (1992), at the University of  Chile, where he is Full Professor, (1993),  and  at Santiago’s Pontifical  Catholic  University  (1999), Villafruela  is   recognized as  the dean  of  classical  saxophone  teaching and  performance  in  Latin America.

From EGREM Studios (Cuba) he received its Grand prize for the CD Saxofón del Siglo (1994). His other outstanding  recordings  include Saxofones por América (1993), Saxofón en Concierto-Compositores Chilenos (2000), Saxofones en Latinoamérica (2000), Secuencias (2001), Concertante (2004), TTK, 81 micro piezas para saxofón y electroacústica (2008), Travesía Latina (2010) and Verticidades (2013). In December 2007 he published El saxofón en la Música Docta de América Latina, based on research   carried out   during his doctoral studies.  

Miguel Villafruela is frequently called upon to offer master classes at conservatories and universities (Conservatoire Royal in Brussels, 2016) and a jury of competitions and examinations of musical institutions (International Saxophone Competition Adolphe Sax in Dinant, Belgium, 2006 , National Conservatory of music and Dance of Paris, 2016).

Among  the many  awards  and  recognitions  from  organizations in his  homeland, Villafruela has received  the  Order for  National Culture from Cuba’s Ministry  of Culture and he  was  recognized  by Chile’s Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor in 2001.

In  February, 2002, the  Instituto Superior de Arte, Universidad de las Artes de Cuba  awarded  Villafruela its   Diploma   for  Artistic  Merit, and  in November, 2003, the  University of  Chile   distinguished  him as Mejor Docente  de  Pregrado.