Patrick Trahan

Interview Patrick Trahan

Since 1988, Patrick plays saxophone. He is performing jazz, classical and many other world and modern style of music.

What is the reason why you wanted to change of ligature ?
I wasn't looking for a new ligature at the time, but I am always willing to try new things to see how they will change my sound.  I tried the BG Tradition Ligature on my mouthpiece and I noticed an immediate change in the tonal quality and the response.  The BG Tradition was a perfect fit for my Theo Wanne Kali Alto mouthpiece.  

How can / does  a ligature affect the sound ? 
A ligature can either restrict or enhance the sound, and I feel the the BG Tradition has given me more complex sound that is full of overtones and rich in color. It has given me a faster response and has made playing such a joy.  

Why a metal ligature ?
I have always liked metal ligatures, I feel as they help enrich the sound and allow the reed to vibrate freely.  

Any difference due to the plaiting ?
I have noticed very subtle differences in the plating of the ligatures, I feel that the gold plated ligature was the best choice for the sound that I was looking for.  

Why BG TRADITION ligature ?
The reason why I chose the BG Tradition ligature is because I know that BG products are superior in quality and workmanship.  Yes, the ligature gave me the sound I was looking for, and added with the reputation and my previous experiences with BG, I knew that I was getting a ligature that would last me a lifetime.  

Patrick Trahan
Sax player
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