Rocco Ventrella

Rocco Ventrela

Ventrella received a Grammy Awards Pre-Nomination for Contemporary Jazz Best Album for his 2007 CD "Give Me The Groove". 

Rocco, since how long have you been playing BG ligature ?
I don’t remember exactly  but a long time ago
Why have you chosen BG ligature. What makes the difference to you ? 
I choosed BG  ligature because it gave me  what I was founding for improving sound quality during  my performances.
How important is the choice of a ligature in your sound ?
I think it is very important. The ligature can help you in the sounding requests of the piece are you playing,  I mean,  each piece needs a own  sonority in this view it is useful  using an appropriate one, of course making some compromise.
Can you explain how to test a ligature ?
I need a ligature really for my needing, I play often solo with piano, solo with orchestra, I play in orchestra with groups, the ligature have to be more flexible and helping you, for me the Tradidional one is PERFECT !
Any other Bg product you wish to comment or recommend to test ? 
I recommend to try all BG products !!! They are FANTASTICS  !!! All my students are using, Top quality, a great choose, GREAT PROFESSIONALITY !!!
Do you use the BG pad dryers de of MICROFIBRE ? Do you prefer BG MICROFIBRE pad dryer to cigaret paper ? 
 I use  BG MICROFIBRE pad dryers, when I give concert I have one or more ot  always in my jacket poket . I prefere  it when cigarette paper because the result is much better, and you don’t have problems like with cigarette paper, it broke  and rest attached to the pad you are drying.
Rocco Ventrella
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