Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy

SHANNON is a great saxophonist and song writer. She is located in Southern California, USA. She works with the smooth jazz duo Groove LTD. She is also running a website called Teen Jazz for up and coming musicians.

Shannon, can you tell us why you choose to play BG ligatures?
I've always believed that BG has provided performers with excellent products, and throughout my early career I've played on various BG products. It was when I began to seriously study classical music in high school that I discovered the "Tradition" and my love for BG developed. Since, I've been a huge fan and BG Duo Ligature has really inspired my playing. I cannot imagine music before my BG ligatures

As a player, what do you look for in a ligature ?

For me, anything that makes playing easier and more enjoyable is an absolute must. The Duo ligature has certainly given me that You also use the Flex Jazz ligatures.  

In which performance situations ?  
It allows optimum vibration with the reed. it's better than any other brand, but I only use it because the Duo is not available for my metal mouthpieces.

I know you use the Reed Performers, what have been the performance benefits for you ?
Reed performer gives my reeds longer life and so when I'm not ready to retire a good reed, the reed performer keeps it going. They're a really great product to have in my case, I don't know what I would do without them.

And what about BG Mouthpiece Cushions….?
BG Cushions have been a huge lifesaver! It removes the discomfort that the vibrations of the saxophone have against my teeth and make playing for long or short periods more enjoyable. They are nice and thick and so they last longer and block the vibrations more than any other patch I've tried.   

Tell us about the Teen Jazz Community and how you’ve been helping younger players.
Teen Jazz is a community for up and coming musicians across a variety of genres. We offer advice on everything from music marketing to finding the inspiration to practice as well as feature the profiles of Young artists and established artists. We also have a radio show that is hosted online that showcases the music of our artists.  

How can we as Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Educators help support your Teen Jazz Community ?
We greatly appreciate any support on Teen Jazz. Comments on our articles are always welcome, but we also accept contributed articles http://teenjazz.com/contributor-guidelines/ and advertising is available  for as little as $5 USD per month http://teenjazz.com/advertise/   

Shannon Kennedy
Sax player. Composer, producer, recording artist and music instructor
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