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Mr Hayes, saxophonist, composer and arranger, has edited three records with original music: El silenciero (Sofa Records, 2009); Desde un jardín (Sofa Records, 2011) and El imperio de las luces (2013) with George Garzone’s collaboration.

He is currently editing his fourth record, with Gustavo Hernández (arrangement and direction). This is also his fourth record with his quintet and a string ensemble.

On his YouTube channel, he presented Dos (2014-2015), an audiovisual project of duet covers with Jacinto, Hernán Merlo, Mono Fontana, Sergio Verdinelli, Enrique Norris and Juan Cruz de Urquiza.

He was a member of the jazz ensembles Mazaki Tazaki (Mazaki Tazaki, 2007); Deshoras (Deshoras, 2008); Artistry Big Band (Artistry Big Band, 2012) and Del Norte Big Band (Ida y vuelta, 2013). He recorded HDV HC (2012) with Austrian musicians. Mr Hayes has also contributed to the following records:

Carlos Álvarez (Viejo Cactus, 2006); Teo Cronemberg (Atonalismo de bar, 2013); Pablo Sanguinetti (Dionisio, 2016) and Gonzalo Levin (Árbol, Uruguay, 2016).

Additionally, Mr Hayes has recorded with several different soloists and groups as a session musician including Mike Amigorena, Ángela Torres, Alvy Singer, Tomas Lebrero and Héctor Romero.

Mr Hayes has taught Musical Language and Audio at the Technological Institute of Contemporary Music in Buenos Aires (ITMC) (2006-2009). He currently teaches saxophone in Buenos Aires at the San Andrés school and at the Boca Juniors Orchestra.