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“My BG experience is very much related to physical health. 

A good strap is extremely important. I recommend always having two BG straps: one for studying – the harnesses – and one neck strap for concerts.”


Rosse Aguilar is a saxophonist, singer, educator, composer, author and arranger, active in the popular and contemporary music scene, and national and international jazz scene as a lecturer, teacher and performer, standing out as a highly versatile musician. Part of the ALASAX (2013) and CLARISAX (2020) alliances. She is currently a professor in the Bachelor of Music Performance at the Da Vinci University of Guatemala (UDV) in the areas of saxophone, singing, harmony and ear training. In addition, she is an advisor to the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts of the UDV for the development and supervision of the study program, pensum and student curriculum for the undergraduate degree in music performance.


Born in Guatemala City, she studied music at the National Conservatory of Music of Guatemala in the areas of saxophone and singing, the Alfredo Colom School for Musical Education Teachers, the University of the Valley of Guatemala, graduating as music professor and the Da Vinci University of Guatemala, graduating with a degree in contemporary music performance. She has studied Jazz in Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico, where she was awarded several prizes and scholarships.


With versatile musicality and extensive knowledge of harmony and composition, she perfectly masters the scat technique with which she stands out for her originality, with a very exact tuning and clear phrasing. She has written more than a dozen musical compositions in which she combines her jazz, Latin music, samba and flamenco influences, with some of which she has been the recipient of awards and recognition in competitions such as the International Songwriting Competition with the theme “You´re my angel” year 2020, the International Contest Israel We Sing to You with the theme “Israel”, the AEI Guatemala National Composition Contest (2019) with the theme “I´m Here”, the National Contest of Jazz Composition 2- JAZZ-13 with the theme “Freedom”, the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and Estela Guatemala Awards 2017 in the Jazz Artist category and 2018 in the category Best Jazz-Blues Song with the theme “Herencia”, among others. Some of his compositions have been used in various areas of the music industry, such as the musicalization of silent films and soundtracks for Guatemalan independent film productions.



She joined the Imox Jazz quartet in 2007, with whom she has performed regularly at jazz festivals in Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala; Together they have shared the stage and performed live with jazz figures such as Jason Marsalis, Dave Schoereder, Billy Drewes, Erick Marienthal, Rufus Reid, Andrea Motis, Arild Andersen, Bob Stoloff, LaFrae Sci, Eli Yamin, Camille Thurman, Nicky Denner & Cocomama, Cristelle Durandi, Dulce Resillas, Sebastian Schunke & Diego Piñera, Sara Lieb, among others. Imox Quartet has recorded three albums, the third being titled Caminando, where Rosse’s compositions can be appreciated, such as “Music that I like”, “Silent talk”, “Imagine”, among others.


In October 2017, Rosse was awarded the title “Artist of the Year” in the Performance category by the Hemeroteca de Guatemala; she was also invited to participate as a lecturer at the TEDx Guatemala City Women in the same year.


She has made recordings with leading artists and musical groups of various music genres and has participated in projects ranging from musical theater to Reality Shows along important television stations in Central America and Mexico as a vocal coach and judge, in addition to carrying out projects of realization. of Songbooks for contemporary popular music bands.


Throughout her unstoppable career as a music educator, she has also led educational projects: she founded and directed the contemporary music schools ATEMPO (2010) and INNATO (2016), where the dissemination of contemporary music and jazz has been promoted by through various study programs. She has also developed educational programs within the framework of the Jazz Festival in binational institutions and embassies (Germany, USA, Japan and Israel), developing projects among which the JazzFest 2011 with professors from the Berklee College of Music and the Jazz Fest AC Foundation of Mexico, the JazzCamp organized by the Fundación Amigos del Arte (FUNDADELA) and the Embassy of the United States of America (2016 and 2017); among other projects. She has been a professor of saxophone at the National Conservatory of Music, at the Superior School of Arts of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, places where she made an important advance in the saxophone of contemporary popular music in the country.