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Dina Ramírez, a Guatemalan saxophonist, composer and educator, is one of the most outstanding musicians on the Guatemalan jazz music scene for her unmistakable style and skill on the saxophone.
In his beginnings as an artist, he was part of the church band and soon after that he joined the renowned band “De la Rut” where he explored with reggae and soul rhythms, and composed with the artists the most popular songs “Musica en la piel” and “Viajes de Rut”.

In July 2018 he presents his first album entitled “Conde Daniel”. In the delivery of the Premios Estela 2018, she was nominated in two categories being “Best Album of the Year” and “Best jazz/blues song”.

In 2019 he presents his second album entitled “1715” with which he toured internationally.

He has participated in several international jazz festivals and has collaborated with national and international artists such as “Madita Vecindad” and “Andrea Bocelli “Bohemia Suburbana”, “Filoxera”, “Fabiola Roudha”, “Carlos Peña y Orquesta Sinfónica de Guatemala”.