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BG France is a brand to which I turn with my eyes closed, because I know that all their equipment is of good quality. The straps are ergonomic and practical. There is something special about ligatures <hich makes it possible to respond to a real musical situation. We tell ourselves that the engineers really took the time to answer musicians issues. We thus have very practical and quality equipment. Thank you BG France !
First passion : painting when a boy of 8 and then music at 13.
He was initiated into classical guitar and began playing with friends in rock-grunge bands at 14.
Then Jazz came up in his life with Coltranes and Miles and it was such a revelation that he began studying saxophone at 17.
​Romain spent 6 years studying at EDIM school and 8 years at the CRR of Aubervilliers-La Courneuve where he passed the DEM Jaz… Which did not prevent him from being precociously born leader with projects such as « L’Akoatique Orchestra », first band he created from 1999 to 2003.
Each project come as a unique experience providing teaching and memories.
Since then he played on so many demos, singles, several EP and some albums, several of which on Majors.
He accompanied some artists on concerts, on tour, on the radio and on TV.
He remixed titles, a few of which have been listed on labels and won some prizes.
He traveled the world playing.
Since then he has played on countless demos, singles many EP and a few albums some of which on Majors.
Has accompanied artists on concerts , tour, radio, television
Has remixed titles some of which have appeared on labels or won competitive shows.
Has played and traveled the world, and from every corner of France and Paris.
Has composed and conducted ensembles up to 72 musicians.
​Has played in concert halls, theatres, caves, bars, shopping mall, countryside festivals, restaurants, hotels, casinos, swimming pools, night and day clubs, architect studios, apartments, barges, stadiums, weddings, Bar Mitsvah, churches even cemeteries…