Published : 06/29/2022 17:22:41
Categories : zArtists , zGUITAR


Multifaceted singer and guitarist, Christian Chenet is above all, a musician who believes that being on stage is the best way to communicate with the audience.

During the two last decades, the many years spent on tour or in the studio accompanying artists such as Jeanne Mas or Francis Lalanne (and lately Gad Elmaleh), have made Christian an accomplished professionnal.

His very pop guitar sound print can be found on the numerous recordings (CD, DVD) he made for French and foreign artists.

The warm welcome of the audience, very responsive to his music, compositions and arrangements, lead him to the idea of producing a show. A show enabling him to better share his musical universe, that goes from soft intimate atmospheres to sudden electric elegance.

Christian offers an intoxicating sound and stage experiment, revisiting the greatest pop-rock standards (The Police, U2, The Beatles, Toto, Lenny Kravitz…) in intimate lounge versions ensuring a captivating moment and a mesmerizing atmosphere.