Luis Enrique Vargas

Published : 06/24/2022 14:31:13
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Luis Enrique Vargas Guevara (b.1979, Lima-Perú) is Principal Clarinetist of the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru and Faculty of Clarinet of the National Conservatory of Music of Peru. Mr. Vargas is the director of FICLA (International Festival of Clarinet) since 2010, professional arranger and founder of Ensemble 775, with whom he has performed numerous concerts in Peru and abroad.

In 2011 he participated as a soloist with STING at the concerts held in the city of Lima.

In 2012 he won the 3rd Place of the 2012 IWWF Interpretation Contest, organized by the famous clarinetist Jonathan Cohler, held at the University of Iowa. That same year he participated as a guest artist at the CLARINETFEST (World Festival of Clarinet), organized by the ICA (International Clarinet Association) offering a concert at the University of Nebraska.

Founder of the Clarinet Quartet 775, recording his first production in 2011. In 2015 he was invitated to particpate in the NEW WORLD FESTIVAL, held in Aruba.

In 2016 he was a guest artist at CLARINETFEST, together with the clarinet ensemble of the National Conservatory of Music and next to the International Quartet South American Connection.

Luis Vargas, plays BG Ligatures, BbClarinet Strap, Mouthpiece Cushions, Swpabs.

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