Thomas Barthelemy

Published : 06/22/2022 16:41:13
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I have always been seduced by the BG sound and by the design of the products » and then i am a pure product of the lyon school ;-)

Born in 1981 in Bayonne, Thomas Barthelemy begins the saxophone in the CRR of Bayonne (class of Eric Devallon), before studying in the CRR of Lyon and Versailles in the classes of Jean-Denis Michat and Vincent David. He integrates into 2005 the class of Claude Delangle in the CNSMDP, where he obtains a Master’s degree mention TB unanimously.
From 2006 (date of the creation) is a member of the ensemble of saxophones SQUILLANTE.
This ensemble has acted in several festivals: ” Reims’s Flaneries Musicales (concert of closing in front of 17000 persons), Quimper’s “Semaines Musicales”, Festival ” C pas classique ” of Nice, ” they concerts of l’improbable ” of Jean-François Zygel in the theatre of the Chatelet in Paris, ” Festival des jeunes interprètes ” in Radio(Radius) France, ” The boite à musique ” of Jean-François Zygel in the French television but, equally, in the Iberian Festival of Badajoz in Espana, Samobor’s Festival in Croatia, the Festival ” My Escapes, my – raisin ” in Belgium. Every summer from 2008, nine musicians of the Ensemble Squillante share his passion for the music it gives chamber during the ” International Course of Saxophone of Montefrío’s Villa ” (Granada) in Spain, next to students of everything of the world. His interest for the jazz and the improvised musics allows him to work and to collaborate with musicians such as David Liebman, Daniel Humair, Walter Thompson, Didier Lockwood, Christophe Monniot, Daniel Casimir… He was during several years a saxophonist within the Music of the “Equipages de la Flotte de Brest”. It also happened with prestigious bands such as the orchestra of Paris, the orchestra Capitole de Toulouse, the orchestra Bordeaux Aquitaine, the national orchestra of Pays de la Loire, orchestrates ” the centuries ” and the Intercontemporary orchestra (direction Peter Eötvös).
He teaches since 2017 in the CRR of Toulouse, and since 2015 in the music center of the Basque Country ” Musikene

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