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Bb Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Alto Sax
Natural cane reeds and synthetic reeds
Increases reed life; Gives warmer tone to weak and fuzzy reeds
S Small Model

Bb Clarinet

Reed performer


Reed Performers give longer life on good, bad and synthetic reeds.

Packaged in a 6-piece bag.

BG's "Reed Performer" has multiple features whether its a bad reed, a good reed, or synthetic reed. 

  • Saves bad reeds by improving their playability.
  • Removes fuzzy sounds from bad reeds.
  • Gives warmest tone from weak reeds.
  • Stabilizes thin canes thus giving a more stable sound.
  • Increase reed life at least twice as long.
  • Are particularly recommended on good dying reeds.
  • Helps also to ensure saving reeds for concert.
  • Gives a more round sound through all registers.
  • Helps give a better grip to the ligature.

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