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Représentants commerciaux BG
BBICO est le nouveau représentant commercial BG dans des territoires spécifiques

The British Band Instruments Company (BBICO) is now representing BG Franck Bichon for sales in selected territories in Europe and Eastern Europe.This agreement includes Russia and Middle East, Africa and Asia. The in-house sales team will continue manage America, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China.

“ It is time now to establish a new sales partnership with a long time and trusted colleague Allun Hughes and his team at BBICO” said Franck Bichon, company founder. “They have a great reputation for their knowledge of the music products industry, and we look forward to working together to grow the sales of BG Franck Bichon products worldwide”

BG Franck Bichon products are produced in Lyon, France where the production and design takes places under the supervision of Bichon. The relationship with BBICO will enable the team in Lyon to continue research and development to broaden the range to include all segments of the band, orchestral and keyboard accessory products.

The BG Franck Bichon reputation is based on woodwind accessory products when production originally commenced over 30 years ago. Now the range includes accessories for all woodwind, brass, orchestral string, guitar and keyboard instruments with the addition of BG branded lifestyle products planned for 2017.