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Metal or fabric ligatures ....

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How to choose

Fabric ligatures vs Metal ligatures?


Fabric ligatures and metal ligatures cannot be compared. One is not better than the other, they are simply different. Studies done by BG since 1985 have concluded that the type of ligature used depends on the setting: studio or auditorium, rehearsal or performance.

The same way we use different type of shoes to go to work, to attend an event or to practice a sport, we will choose a different type of ligature depending on the setting: performance as soloist, chamber music, rehearsal or recording session.

 FABRIC LIGATURE = Dampened sound

  • Small concert halls
  • Ensemble works
  • Intimate venues
  • Long rehearsal sessions


 METAL LIGATURE = Open, brighter sound with direct sound projection

  • Large concert halls
  • Orchestral works
  • Soloist performances