Présentation de la société

Présentation de la société

The brand’s creator


Franck Bichon

Franck Bichon

In 1985, Frank Bichon is 25 years old, he founds a company whose goal is to develop and make use of the innovations in terms of sound quality for the ligatures designed by his father Serge Bichon, Professor Emeritus of saxophone at the Conservatory of Lyon, France.

From the very beginning, Frank has developed a distribution network which quickly has been spreading worldwide.

With for only objective, become the world’s top leader.

Frank Bichon has always been looking for the passion, the product’s quality and comfort for the musicians, building on innovation.

After graduating in european management in England, Frank Bichon developed a diversification strategy, with the goal of providing the widest range of products as a high-end designer and manufacturer of wind instrument’s accessories.

1987 : 1st range of straps for saxophone and clarinet

1996 : Double reeds and guitares

2002 : Flute’s accessories

2006 : Mouthpieces and a range of accessories for string instruments

2007 : Range of accessories for Piano and brass BAND

2013 : High-end straps for guitar

Frank Bichon spends 4 months a year in professionnal fairs in the whole world to promote the French expertise of BG, but also to discover and listen to the musician’s expectations in order to design and develop new products.

The BG brand provides 300 products, sold in 80 countries, exports 85% of his production, sell 1 product per minute in the world (⅓  are sold under the brand name of an instrument’s manufacturer).

A responsible policy for the long term

BG only sells products that his employees would buy: quality is our priority.

His chosen fields are ligatures for saxophone and clarinets, straps, cleaning rod and accessories for wind instruments.

BG also develops his own range of promotionals products and a range of merchandising products, FASHION.

BG employs 20 persons near Lyon and keeps innovating.

An artisanal expertise