Welcome at BG France

Welcome at BG France

30 years of handmade craftwork

A genuine artisanal expertise

Founded in 1985 by Frank Bichon, the BG brand is a familial and artisanal brand which is constantly in evolution.

Thanks to his passion, his expertise and his high-end furnishers’ one, his qualified workers in sewing and ligatures crafting, BG relies on the expertise of confirmed artists and selectionned teachers to develop his products and make them evolve.

BG received various distinctions : Grand Prix Fondexpa (export) in 1994, Master Artisan (quality) in 1995, Artinov Prize (Innovation) in 2001 and 2011 and EPV Label - Brand of Living Heritage (quality) the same year.

The production is made in France, crafted on the unique site of Chaponost (Lyon) so that it allows us to handle the quality control for each step of the production.

All BGs products are controled one by one, the threads are cut and then burned.

Our history

Discover Franck Bichon the creator

In 1985, Frank Bichon is 25 years old, he founds a company whose goal is to develop and make use of the innovations in terms of sound quality for the ligatures designed by his father Serge Bichon, Professor Emeritus of saxophone at the Conservatory of Lyon, France.

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